Ranking of the world’s top aluminum composite panel manufacturers in 2022

In the modern construction industry, if you want to complete a building decoration quickly, high-quality and beautifully, you will definitely use aluminum composite panels (ACP). In the field of composite materials, there are many alternatives available to customers and builders. Wood, plastic and metal are all common composite materials. However, since the emergence of aluminum composite panels in 1960 to the present, ACP panels have become the most commonly used material in the construction industry. Not only in the construction industry, ACP panels are expanding to other industries. The automotive industry and the home appliance industry are using aluminum composite materials.

Inventor of ACP panel

The ACP panel was first invented by 3A Composites in 1960. After that, its patent was retained until 1991. At that time, the price of aluminum composite panels was expensive, because only 3A Composites had patent rights in the world. After 1991, more and more manufacturers and companies started the production line of ACP panels.

Simple understanding of aluminum composite panel

Like other materials, aluminum composite panels initially had problems. The core of the aluminum composite panel is made of polyethylene (PE), which is flammable, and some countries have banned the use of ACP products. But this is not the end of the ACP panel, but promotes its progress. Manufacturers use non-flammable materials in the core material, such as minerals or other flame-retardant materials. Therefore, the combination of aluminum layer and non-combustible core makes these panels have high-quality characteristics such as light weight, durability, sound insulation and flame retardancy.

The two aluminum layers and the middle core are not all of the aluminum composite panel. It also requires the use of other materials such as protective films, topcoat PVDF (nano PVDF) and primers, which can make them more flexible and durable. In order to make the color lasting, aluminum composite panel manufacturers will treat the surface, and our SunshineACP panels have achieved chromium-free treatment.

Top ACP panel manufacturers:

3A Composites

It is impossible to talk about ACP panel manufacturers and ignore 3A Composites. 3A Composites is the inventor and has branch structures all over the world. 3A Composites products are used in different industries:

In terms of core materials, 3A Composites owns two well-known brands, Ariex and Baltex. In addition, in the architectural design and transportation industry, it owns Alucobond and Alucore. Dibond is a brand name in the display and art industry. Please bear in mind that they are the inventors of aluminum composite panels. Although the price will make some customers hesitate, their quality is impeccable. If your company has no restrictions on prices, it will be your best choice.


Alubond claims to be the largest ACP brand in the world, and his name is very similar to Alucobond. Their main production line is in the United States, and they are also active in countries such as India.

Alubond is one of the few brands that thoroughly tried to use flame-retardant ACP panels. The company provides a full range of flame-retardant core materials, such as solid aluminum core, honeycomb core, A2 mineral core and B mineral core. Flame-retardant ACP panels can solve safety problems, but flame-retardant core materials have been mastered by many manufacturers, and their competitiveness has begun to increase.


Sunshine is an ACP panel brand from China’s JINHU Aluminum Group. It does not start with Alu because it is determined to create a different aluminum composite panel. JINHU has a production line for painted aluminum coils, and they firmly control the quality of raw materials and finished products. Sunshine has a variety of products that can meet customer needs. PE core or A2, B3 fireproof core material, PVDF (nano PVDF) coating. And vigorously expand its products in many areas.

Sunshine supports customer customization and realizes the addition of new colors. Price is one of the advantages of Sunshine. Because it produces painted aluminum coils by itself, the quality and cost are well controlled, and the price is also very favorable.

Three major ACP panel manufacturers in India

Viva is one of the pioneers in the ACP industry in India. It started in Mumbai in 2003 and has had some good influence over the years. Its products have also begun to be supplied globally.

Aludecor was established in 2004 and its main business covers more than 250 cities. The company’s products cater to the needs of some domestic and international brands.

Eurobond is a leader in the manufacture of aluminum-plastic panels in India, headquartered in Mumbai, and its products effectively meet the needs of global customers.