Aluminum compound panels can be used indoors or outside

ACP inner operation

The most popular inner operation

Wood veneer and gravestone veneer are the most habituated indoors. Before, they were used on the walls of the living room and bedroom. With a series of excellent homestretches handed by Sunshine, ACP can fluently produce wardrobes, bookshelves, and cabinetwork.

But thanks to the excellent coating of aluminum compound panels, they came veritably easy to clean, so they began to be used in the kitchen. Closets are the places most fluently defiled by canvas bank, and the excellent SACP makes them easy to clean. Still, you need to be veritably careful when using ACP panels in the kitchen. It’s veritably easy to be scratched, and the ACP panel used in the kitchen is thin, so it’s easy to form scrapes. When scrapes do, the face needs to be gutted as soon as possible to help the penetration of stains.
Gold encounter effect drawing

Marketable inner operations

In some marketable places, ACP panels are used to make ceilings or shelves. For illustration, salons and living apartments, shelves for holding mugs, and small gifts.

Out-of-door operation of ACP

Wall cladding

The first thing you suppose of is presumably the ACP cladding because this is the most common on the outside. Because of its high rainfall resistance, erosion resistance, and easy installation characteristics, it has come the first choice for marketable structure wall cladding. Sunshine aluminum compound panels (Sacp) can repel natural wear and gash, which prolongs the service life of the structure and facade.


ACP panels can be used to make large advertising signs. Because signs and enclosures are used for out-of-door display, they must repel temperature changes and bad rainfall, so ACP panels have come ideal accoutrements.

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