Supplies sandwich panels to Indonesia

Sunshine is a sandwich panel manufacturer from China with a production plant and hundreds of workers. The factory was established in 2015 and has been appreciated by a large number of Indonesian customers for its excellent R&D and reliable quality.

We support customer customization, such as: double-layer PE (PVDF) coating, double-sided PE (PVDF) coating, and aluminum composite panels with special effects and applications such as stone grain, wood grain, mirror finish, and wire drawing.

sandwich panels to Indonesia
sandwich panels to Indonesia

What is a sandwich panel?

Sandwich panels are also known as aluminum composite panels, ACP panels and ACM panels. It is a composite material with chemically treated coated aluminum plate as the surface layer on both sides and polyethylene or fireproof material as the core material.

Uses of Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels can withstand any harsh environment, whether in Indonesia or any other country. Unique properties determine its wide range of uses: building facades, old building renovations, billboards, interior walls and ceilings. A special dust-removing coating is used to purify the dust-repellent process.

As a new type of building decoration material, ACM panel is widely used in the world. Sandwich panels are quickly favored by Indonesian construction companies for their variety of colors, convenient construction methods, excellent processing performance and excellent fire resistance.

For outdoor, the front of the aluminum composite panel is coated with fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) coating or double-layer PE coating. For interiors, the front can be coated with non-fluorocarbon resin.

Advantages of panels

The aluminum composite panel is composed of two materials (metal and non-metal) with completely different properties. It not only retains the characteristics of the element material, but also makes up for each other’s shortcomings. The advantages of sandwich panels are: luxury, color, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, moisture resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, easy processing and easy handling.