PVDF Aluminum composite panels

PVDF Aluminum composite panels


  • The PVDF coating
  • Aluminum panel protective film
  • Polymer film
  • Moq: 2000 square meters

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SUNSHINE PVDF aluminum composite panel is a kind of mainstream separation decoration composite material widely used today. It is a lightweight material with resistance to both low and high temperatures. SUNSHINE aluminum composite panels have very high mechanical strength and can be used in a variety of industrial applications. With its superior quality and excellent robustness, it is one of the lightest materials used today for separator design. PVD aluminum composite plate can not only be used for partition improvement. It usually has excellent mechanical properties, amazing surface smoothness and levelness, and reasonable cost. SUNSHINE PVDF composite panels consist of a single material consisting of two aluminum panels and a thick internal PE core or fireproof core.

SUNSHINE PVDF aluminum composite panel structure:

  • Building facade
  • Decoration and renovation of old buildings
  • Interior wall, ceiling, bathroom, kitchen and balcony decoration
  • Billboard display platform and signboard
PVDF Aluminum composite panels

The ACP market is segmented by the type of coating material used. Polyester, polyethylene, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), and other materials. It is expected to occupy a considerable market share in the next few years. SUNSHINE PVDF aluminum composite panel has the characteristics of lightweight, high rigidity, super peeling force, low resistance, high-temperature resistance, surface flatness, good finish, and so on. Polyester exhibits perfect properties when combined with alkyd resins and UV absorbents, extending the application of panels and providing excellent resistance to weathering, pollution, and chemicals. Durability, fire protection, sound, and insulation are just a few of the features they offer. These utility characteristics will drive product demand significantly during the forecast period.

Color Chart

PVDF Color Chart

PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) coating is a non – reactive, pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer. It is the most widely used commercial and industrial coating, with a variety of coating advantages. Because of its lightweight and low thermal conductivity, it is often used in chemical equipment. High wear resistance and resistance to most chemicals and solvents.

PVDF coatings have a lower density and are more resistant to solvents and acids than their fluoropolymers. Excellent weather resistance in harsh environments makes PVDF used in steel, aluminum, and other metals.

PVDF coating is a factory application resin-based coating system that supports a variety of matte colors, usually embedded with paint pigment particles.

PVDF is more environmentally friendly than other coatings containing volatile organic compounds.

  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Resistance to the sun
  • Resistant to corrosion and chalk
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and pollution
  • Low maintenance cost, cost-effective
  • Excellent surface flatness and finish
  • Wear and antiwear
  • Resist fading and maintain high color retention
  • Maintain a high gloss for a long time

PVDF Aluminum composite panels

PVDF aluminum composite panels can be used in a variety of applications. The most common application of PVDF coating is aluminum wall cladding, curtain wall, and roof panel. Building exterior curtain wall, shopping center, industrial facilities, airport, hotel, renovation of old buildings, store decoration, station, hospital, school, advertising screen, billboard, etc.

Similarly, PVDF coating can also be used for other aluminum composite panels, such as wood grain aluminum composite panel, stone grain aluminum composite panel.

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