PE Aluminum composite panels

PE Aluminum composite panels

PE Aluminum composite panels

  • The PE core
  • Aluminum panel protective film
  • Polymer film
  • Moq: 2000 square meters


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SUNSHINE PE aluminum composite panel weather, light, heat insulation, high quality, easy to install, easy to clean, sound insulation, excellent flexibility, smooth surface, no stains, fashion satisfactory appearance.

PE (polyester) aluminum composite panels contain two layers of aluminum and are reinforced at the center. PE covered panels contain a polyester covering or PF core. Two aluminum layers are always firmly attached to the inner polyethylene center. In addition, PE makes the surface more smooth and flat. In addition, it has the function of insulation and resistance. Emphasize that polyester (PE) coverings are applied to the front of the panel. This was done to better resist the erosion of the harsh environment.

SUNSHINE PE aluminum composite panel structure:

  • Building facade
  • Decoration and renovation of old buildings
  • Interior wall, ceiling, bathroom, kitchen and balcony decoration
  • Billboard display platform and signboard
PE Aluminum composite panels

Color Chart

Aluminum composite panel Color Chart

Aluminum is about one-third as heavy as steel. Normally, it weighs about 2.7g/cm3. This is why many planners consider using aluminum when cladding. For weight reasons, it would be much simpler to introduce aluminum panels, aluminum cladding panels, or aluminum exterior frames.

Aluminum does not corrode because it has a defensive oxide overlay. In contrast to copper, aluminum is not afraid of harsh conditions. It doesn’t rust and corrode after a while. This makes aluminum a perfect material, and it lasts a long time! Aluminum is probably the most soluble and flexible metal, which is great for installation.

PE Aluminum composite panel advantages

  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Resistance to the sun
  • Resistant to corrosion and chalk
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and pollution
  • Low maintenance cost, cost-effective
  • Excellent surface flatness and finish
  • Wear and antiwear
  • Resist fading and maintain high color retention
  • Maintain a high gloss for a long time
PE Aluminum composite panels

In recent years, various types of polyester (PE) clad aluminum composite panel cladding has gained popularity in various indoor and outdoor use areas. Polyester (PE) cladding panels are now used in building cladding, interior decoration, roof, billboard, and so on. The purpose behind this extraordinary universality, especially in internal applications, is the way PE aluminum composite panels arrive in a variety of tones.