Stone grain aluminum composite panels

Granite and marbled aluminum composite panels

Stone grain aluminum composite panel is a unique process by which the colored stone grain (marble or granite) is permanently printed on the surface of the aluminum plate. Further processing results in highly polished granite or marble color and texture patterns. The transparent finish adds a true sheen and ensures the appearance of the natural stone will last beautifully for decades. JINHU stone aluminum composite panels, even for use in the most demanding outdoor environments, maintain their smooth surfaces and vibrant colors.

Application of stone aluminum composite panel

JINHU stone grain aluminum composite panel adopts classic polyethylene (PE) or fire-resistant (FR) core material with a high corrosion-resistant aluminum surface. They have the elegant look, rigidity, and feel of natural stone, but only one-third the weight of the natural stone. And no weatherproof sealant is required.

These advantages make JINHU stone finishes ideal for indoor and outdoor, modular buildings, and signage. This very natural finish can be found in various installations around the world.

Stone grain series data

Surface coatingPE/PVDF coating
Aluminum layer thickness0.18mm-0.5mm
Panel thickness 2mm, 3mm, 4mm
Panel width1240mm, 1250mm, 1270mm, 1520mm, 1590mm, 2000mm, 2020mm, 2030mm
Pnael length2440mm, 3000mm, 3200mm
Moq: 2000 square meters

JX-8874 Granite grain aluminum composite panel

Stone grain aluminum composite panel005

JX – 8873 Large Flower Whitfe Marbled grain aluminum composite panel

JX-8876 Granite grain aluminum composite panel

JX-8875 Maple Red Granite grain aluminum composite panel

JX-8878 Marbled aluminum composite panel

Marbled aluminum composite panel
Marbled aluminum composite panel

JX-8879 Marbled aluminum composite panel