Mirror aluminum composite panels

Manufacturing materials:

  • Appearance: Two high strength aluminum alloy plates
  • Core: Five poison low density polyethylene (LDPE) or refractory (FR) core
  • Surface: using special technology to make the surface as smooth as a mirror.

The light weight of aluminum is the biggest advantage of mirror aluminum composite panels, which facilitate transportation and installation. Aluminum is affordable and recyclable, making it a very environmentally friendly material.

The mirrored aluminum composite panel can be filled with a fireproof core, which makes it used in many upscale locations. The mirror can make people feel larger space, so interior designers love to use it.

Aluminum composite panels have the same functions as real mirrors but are made of lighter, stronger, and more convenient materials, with better functions and lower prices. Has become a new trend in the construction industry.

Product Data:

 Width1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm
 Length2440mm、3050mm、4050mm,   Any size
Panel Thickness 2mm~ 6mm, recommend 3mm and 4mm
Alu.Skin Thickness0.10mm~0.50mm, recommend 0.21mm,0.30mm
 Standard Size1220mm x 2440mm (4′ x 8′); 1500mm x 3050mm (5′ x 10′)
Others Accept custom size and colors too
Moq: 2000 square meters

JX – 8867 Gold Mirror

JX - 8867 Gold Mirror

JX-8866 Silver Mirror