Why do buildings need fireproof ACP board?

The interior or exterior decoration of buildings with different purposes has different styles. Due to constant changes in fashion and style, every building needs to keep pace with the ever-evolving world. The Sunshine FR aluminum composite panel, which includes the advantages of fashion, sturdiness, lightness and fire resistance, is the topic of this article.

First of all, fireproof ACP panels and ordinary ACP panels are made by adding composite materials between the top and bottom of the aluminum sheet. With the acceleration of urbanization all over the world, more and more attention is paid to the safety of buildings. Prevention before disasters is always more important than rescue after disasters. One of the preventive measures in construction is the use of refractory building materials, so FR aluminum composite materials have attracted people’s attention. ACP was originally used as a billboard outside the building, but now it is common for the entire building to be covered. It is used for partitions and ceilings inside buildings, and its excellent quality can become a more expensive substitute substrate.

Sunshine is a leading ACP manufacturer in China, by manufacturing high-quality ACP panels that are both environmentally friendly and economical. Sunshine ACP is a lightweight and weather-resistant product with excellent thermal, acoustic and mechanical properties. Sunshine has a professional research team, strict inspection procedures, and is committed to the technological innovation of ACP panels. The aluminum composite panel can be painted in any color, high-gloss or matte, and imitate the pattern of any other material, such as wood and marble.

Whether ACP panels can be fireproof depends on the content of minerals in the core material. They have more advantages:

1. Flame-retardant aluminum composite panels are poor conductors of heat, which means they can insulate heat well.

2. The flame-retardant ACP panel adopts mineral core material, which can effectively prevent the spread of flame.

3. These panels are easy to install and maintain, easy to recycle, and environmentally friendly.