Aluminum composite panels for marine applications

The Sunshine aluminum composite panel reduces the extra weight of the ship structure, making it an ideal material for various ships.

Sunshine’s impact-resistant panel consists of an aluminum honeycomb core and an aluminum alloy skin. These structures use adhesive and press them together with strong force until the adhesive works well.

The honeycomb core used in the panel is manufactured by JINHU and certified by a professional organization, which is suitable for the requirements of most countries.

Sunshine aluminum composite panels provide lightweight, sturdy and durable components for various industries. These components are convenient to transport, easy to install, and low maintenance costs.

Aluminum composite panels for marine applications
Aluminum composite panels for marine applications

The high strength of Sunshine aluminum composite panels means that they can be used in yachts, large ships, etc.

Sea-going ship designers are always looking for new ways to reduce the weight of the superstructure to improve the stability and speed of the ship. The best way to reduce weight is to use aluminum composite panels instead of traditional metal materials. The best way is to remove the heavier materials of the non-structural parts and replace them with aluminum composite panels.

In addition to warehouse walls, Sunshine’s composite panels can be used for various applications on ships, including decks, doors and furniture.

The Sunshine team is committed to more advanced technology and is happy to discuss the use of ACP panels on ships.

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