Use aluminum composite panels to protect and restore paintings

Use composite panels to protect the artwork. These materials provide protection for the framed artwork and protect it from the aging process. The aluminum composite panel is composed of a honeycomb structure sandwiched between two aluminum surfaces. ACP can be used as a mounting plate to support large artworks such as paintings and wallpapers.

JINHU aluminum composite panels can also be used for protection projects, including:

  • -Repair shareholders
  • -Protect artwork

The three characteristics of JINHU composite board make it an ideal choice for protection and restoration:

1. Flat surface-this means you can put things on the panel and restore their shape to flat

2. Rugged-they provide a sturdy platform, don’t worry when you operate

3. Light weight-they can be moved easily

JINHU ACP sheets provide you with the best quality and best price.

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