What are the applications of Sunshine Aluminum Composite Panel (SACP)?

Aluminum composite panels can be used indoors or outdoors

ACP indoor application

1. The most popular indoor application

Wood veneer and stone veneer are the most used indoors. Before, they were used on the walls of the living room and bedroom. With a series of excellent finishes provided by Sunshine, ACP can easily create wardrobes, bookshelves, and furniture.

But thanks to the excellent coating of aluminum composite panels, they became very easy to clean, so they began to be used in the kitchen. Cabinets are the places most easily polluted by oil smoke, and the excellent SACP makes them easy to clean. However, you need to be very careful when using ACP panels in the kitchen. It is very easy to be scratched, and the ACP panel used in the kitchen is thin, so it is easy to form scratches. When scratches occur, the surface needs to be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent the penetration of stains.

Gold brush effect drawing

2. Commercial indoor applications

In some commercial places, ACP panels are used to make ceilings or shelves. For example, salons and living rooms, shelves for holding cups, and small gifts.

3. Partition

Most offices hope to make the best use of the available space. To achieve this, simple walls made of aluminum composite panels can be divided into different areas. Because the partition material is an ACP panel, the handling and support are reduced again. If you want to change the partition and re-divide the space, just unscrew the screws and move them wherever you want.

Outdoor application of ACP

1. Wall cladding.

The first thing you think of is probably the ACP cladding because this is the most common on the outside. Because of its high weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and easy installation characteristics, it has become the first choice for commercial building wall cladding. Sunshine aluminum composite panels (Sacp) can withstand natural wear and tear, which prolongs the service life of the structure and facade.

2. Billboard

ACP panels can be used to make large advertising signs. Because signs and enclosures are used for outdoor display, they must withstand temperature changes and bad weather, so ACP panels have become ideal materials.

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