Aluminum composite panel(ACP) interior decoration — office

Everyone wants their office to look attractive. To meet this, you can choose durable and beautiful materials to decorate your office. JINHU recommends SUNSHINE Aluminum composite panel (ACP) to you. Use strong and durable materials to create a beautiful and comfortable office.

PE Aluminum composite panels

Choose SUNSHINE ACP Sheets

You can choose SUNSHINE ACP Sheets to add a beautiful look to your office. These panels are durable and easy to maintain. They come in a variety of types (wood and stone finishes, highlights and matte finishes, etc.), sizes, and functions (non-flammable and non-flammable). Excellent flatness, high firmness, and unique coating technology make it possible to create walls with perfectly flat surfaces or complex shapes.

If you need to renovate your office, please consider SUNSHINE.

The advantages of the aluminum composite panel:

1. Adaptability and flexibility

2. High firmness

3. Super weather resistance and UV resistance

5. Low maintenance and long life

6. Easy to form and process. They can be bent, cut, drilled, stamped, and stamped without loss of surface integrity

7. It has good heat insulation and sound insulation effect

As a revolutionary multifunctional decorative building material, the aluminum-plastic board has been developed as an ideal decorative building material.

Aluminum-plastic panels are widely used for indoor and outdoor covering of commercial buildings and corporate residences. Used for external and internal building partition or cladding. In addition, the high stiffness of the panels allows large-size panels to be used for building cladding, greatly reducing installation time.

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