Aluminum composite panel wholesale price

If you need to purchase aluminum composite panels, you need to know the price of aluminum composite panels, or how much you need to use for your project. But the price in the market is higher, so you need to find a manufacturer of aluminum composite panels. As a leading manufacturer and exporter of aluminum composite panels in China, JINHU Sunshine will provide you with how to calculate the import price of aluminum composite panels. (Import wholesale prices are about 50% lower than your local suppliers)

You need to determine the product requirements you need:

1. ACP (PE or FP) core material

2. ACP (PVDF) panel coating

3. Thickness of aluminum composite panel

4. Freight to your country

5. Quantity you need (surprise discount)

Of course, if you are not sure exactly what product data you need. You can tell us the place of use and special requirements of the product, and we will recommend appropriate products for you.

One. ACP core material

There are ordinary core, advertising core, refractory core, and fire core

Aluminum composite panel common core: mainly used for non-slotting and bending more than 90 degrees of exterior wall decoration. This is related to the thickness of the aluminum layer on the surface. If the thickness of the aluminum layer is greater than 0.4mm, then the normal core plate also supports slotting and bending less than 90 degrees.

B1 grade refractory core has a flame retardant function, which can protect family property well. It is widely used in Europe and America.

A2 class fire core has a non-flammable function. It is non-flammable and is used in countries with high fire protection requirements.

Different chips, different prices.

Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panels
Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panels
Pure color Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel
Pure color Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

Two. Aluminum panel coating

Aluminum composite panel coating mainly includes PE (polyethylene), double-layer PE, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), nano PVDF, and FEVE (fluorocarbon resin).

According to the survey: PE coated aluminum composite panel warranty 5-8 years, PVDF and NANO PVDF coating warranty 15-20 years, FEVE coating warranty 20 years.

PVDF or NANO PVDF coating is used for outdoor decoration, and PE coating is generally used for interior decoration and advertising boards. FEVE coatings, which are more expensive, are only widely used in countries with strong UV rays.

The biggest function of NANO PVDF coating is its self-cleaning function. Although the initial cost is expensive, the later maintenance cost will be very low. It’s very cost-effective.

Different coating, different price.

PE Aluminum composite panels
PE Aluminum composite panels
PVDF Aluminum composite panels
PVDF Aluminum composite panels

Three. Aluminum panel thickness and size

PE aluminum composite panel thickness and size, aluminum thickness. These are all factors that affect the price.

The conventional thickness of the PVDF aluminum composite panel is 3mm and 4mm (aluminum thickness is 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm). The standard ACP panel size is 1220x2440mm, and the standard size for us customers is 4 x 8 ft or 48 x 96 in.

The ACP panel specifications are 3×0.21mm, 1500x3050mm, double-sided color painted panel. As for the core material, we generally recommend the advertising core, because the surface effect of the panel is better. But for some customers who need a lower price, we can only offer the price of ordinary core. In addition, the common specifications of outdoor advertising boards are 3×0.30mm and 4×0.30mm. These are often used in gas station projects.

Different thickness, different price

Aluminum composite panel dimensions
Aluminum composite panel dimensions

Four. Aluminum composite panel color

JINHU aluminum composite panels are available in six color schemes: matte, high-gloss, brushed, mirrored, pearlescent, granite, and wood grain. Color can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Color brightness is divided into matte, glossy, high gloss (it depends on your use place).

Specular color, brushed color, marble, wood grain has different prices.

JINHU Aluminum composite panel color >>>

Five. Protective film and freight

Protective film and freight are secondary factors affecting the price.

Protective film: Customers need to print their logo on the ACP sheet, just tell us that JINHU aluminum composite panel manufacturer is at your service.

Freight: this depends on weight and distance and needs further confirmation.

    Detailed information means accurate quotation

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