Use aluminum composite panels to create billboards

The history of billboards has not been investigated, the first began to use wood or cloth to make billboards. But wood and cloth were too short-lived, so stronger aluminum composite panels were later used to make billboards.

JINHU Sunshine aluminum composite panel billboard

We often see some tall billboards beside the highway. Most of them are made of aluminum plastic boards. Lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion, it is the most popular material.

The Importance of billboards

As you walk past a cafe, feel the elegant surroundings and notice a small advertising board with a menu. Some coffee names are written on it, which is used to protect the quiet environment from being destroyed. In supermarkets, you can see many guideboards made of aluminum composite panels. To guide your shopping.

The benefits of using aluminum composite panels to make billboards

Each billboard material has its own advantages. But aluminum composite panels are the only material without drawbacks.

Light but strong: Aluminum is very light compared to iron or other metals. A combination of aluminum and plastic is the perfect material for a sign.

Corrosion resistance: Aluminum will not rust, even in harsh conditions. This is the main reason aluminum composite panels are used for billboards all over the world.

Flexibility: Due to its excellent ductility, aluminum composite panels can be easily molded into novel shapes.

Environmental protection: Recycle it when it is not in use.

JINHU Sunshine is a professional manufacturer and exporter of aluminum composite panels with many years of export experience and high quality products.

China JINHU Group has three production factory:

  • 1. Shandong Baisheng Metal Technology Co., LTD. (Located at the intersection of Jinshan Road and Hubei Road, High-tech Zone, Linyi city, Shandong Province)
  • 2. Shandong Golden Sunshine Building Materials Co., LTD. (Located at No. 1 yihe Fifth Road, Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Linyi Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province)
  • 3. JINHU Color Coated Aluminum Co., LTD. (Located in Machanghu Town, Linyi City, Shandong Province)

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