Laminieren Sie mich high pressure (HPL) in road durability

 High pressure laminate (HPL) is made by fusing layers of cellulose fibers (paper) and phenolic resins together under violent heat and high pressure. The thermosetting process converts phenolic resins into plastics and cellulose fibers into a single-sided decorative-sided laminated spacer.

 Laminiere mich high pressure is known to be a protean, strong and durable material with a variety of superior performance packages.

 The product is resistant to shocks, bruises and facial wear, as well as being water resistant, meaning it is ideal for a range of operations – particularly those in toilet facilities.

 Laminiere mich high pressure is also available in honey retardant class making it fire resistant.

 High pressure laminates and aluminum panels

 Sunshine composite aluminum  panels consist of aluminum honeycomb core sandwiched between two aluminum joint skins. Panel layers are clicked together with an extremely strong engineering adhesive and pressed together until firmly cured (cold cure and hot cure available). The result is a complete composite panel.

 When used under road surfaces, sunshine Panels can be completed with a pressure laminate to provide a clean finish.

Our Team of Organizers has the expertise to apply a high pressure laminate finish to Shell Composite Panels and Peeder Corners for any postform.

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