Benefits of ACP Panels for your homes

Every time a home is built, builders want to find the best building materials that are both beautiful and durable. There are several options on the market, however aluminum composite panels seem to be the first choice for designers.

Aluminum composite panel (ACP panel) is a sandwich panel made of plastic particles or mineral core sandwiched between two aluminum panels. ACP panels are widely used as building cladding materials in modern buildings.

Earlier, ACP sheets were mainly used in hospitals, supermarkets and other commercial buildings. When aluminum composite panels first appeared, colors and finishes were limited. Over the years, the materials industry has continued to evolve, and finishes and colors have come a long way. ACP panels are now the most commonly used material when building and renovating homes.

Benefits of ACP Panels for your homes

Easy to install

ACP panels are very easy to install. Whether on the exterior or interior of a building, whether building a new home or renovating an old one, these panels can be easily installed. Therefore, ACP panels are considered installation friendly.


Regardless of the construction material chosen, durability is our number one priority. The ACP panel fulfills this requirement. They are known to be durable and weatherproof, and the PVDF coating on the surface effectively protects the interior. They can even act as noise barriers.

Low maintenance

People like a one-time expense, and they like a product or material that doesn’t require a secondary expense. This is where ACP sheets are most popular because they require very little or no maintenance, all you need is a clean cloth.


ACP panels are affordable and cost-effective. And ACP can reduce external heat and keep the internal temperature suitable, which can save a lot of energy bills.

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