Aluminum composite panel 4×8

Aluminum composite panel is one of the most common architectural elements. It has a lot of sizes, including 4×8. The price of 4×8 is also relatively favorable, and it is also the easiest to sell.

The popular idea behind aluminum composites is that the combination of two elements can make the product more robust and durable. Aluminum composite panels have the same characteristics, and the combination of two aluminum panels and PE core material makes them stronger and more beautiful. ACP panels have many satisfactory characteristics, one of which is that they have multiple sizes and multiple finishes to choose from.

Characteristics of aluminum composite panel

ACM panels have a variety of characteristics and are fully applied in the construction industry. Indoors or outdoors, builders can use different coatings to deal with harsh environments.

Weather resistance

Building materials must be durable, especially when used outdoors. Therefore, the durability of the 4×8 aluminum composite panel is very important. Even in the face of different climatic conditions, ACP panels can provide excellent durability. Therefore, whether it is a hot equatorial region or a cold Antarctic region.


Excellent aluminum composite panels will not crack when they are bent. The folding of aluminum composite panels is very important during decoration. Although it seems that no material can have flexibility and durability at the same time, Sunshine can provide flexible aluminum composite panels in various sizes. Therefore, it is not impossible to use ACP panels for different shapes.

Provide unique design

Flexibility makes aluminum composite materials a suitable choice for interior design and decoration. The flexibility to match the right color allows it to have more uses, such as refrigerators, cars, and ships.

The solid-color ACM panel 4×8 is deeply loved by customers. These colors are in line with the aesthetics of customers who love simplicity, who prefer simplicity and seek eye-catching decoration. Moreover, the price of solid color is also the most favorable.

Although solid colors are the right choice for interior and exterior design, other customers prefer prefabricated or customized patterns. In other words, you can choose wood, marble, mirror and other patterns. Sunshine supports custom patterns and logos. As it should be, the price of custom panels is higher.

Aluminum composite panel 4×8 price

The price of ACP panels is affected by many factors, one of which is size and thickness. Therefore, it is impossible to simply talk about its price. However, the price of aluminum composite panel 4×8 can be changed according to the different thickness and size, and coating you need.

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