ACM Panels

APC panels have become more and more popular in recent decades, thanks to their unique characteristics. One of the sub-materials produced by some manufacturers is ACM sheet metal, and there is no difference between ACM sheet metal and aluminum composite panels. There are many different names for aluminum composite panels, such as ACM panels, ACM sheets, ACM sheet metal, and also sandwich panels.

The sandwich panel is very interesting this time, which is the name based on its structure. The two layers of aluminum skin and the PE or fireproof core material in the middle can also be said to be sandwiched between the two aluminum layers.

In this article we will mention the color of ACM panel, the application of ACM panel and the introduction of SunshineACM panel.

Color of Sunshine ACM panel

The color selection of architectural elements is a key step in the process of any construction project. The color greatly affects the beauty of the building, which is very important for residents and customers. Sunshine aluminum composite panel R&D department fully understands the importance of color, and provides a variety of colors and finishes.

Pure color: Pure color is the most popular among customers. Distributors say that pure colors are the most widely used. In other words, solid color is the simplified design for the next step of custom finishing. Although some buildings only need the most favorable solid colors, they are used to start their next commercial activities, such as billboards.


Finishing is another option. Compared with pure colors, they are full of more beauty. The veneer has many textures:

  • Marble finish
  • Wood grain finish
  • Mirror finish
  • Matte finish

In addition to these common finishes, customers can customize ACP panels according to their needs. This means that if you choose to find a distinctive finish, Sunshine designs it for you.

JX-8883 Dark teak Aluminum Composite Panel
JX-8878 Marbled aluminum composite panel
JX-8866 Silver Mirror-aluminum-composite-panel

Corporate Color

Most companies choose a certain solid color as their corporate color. Corporate colors can enhance corporate image and brand status, and mature and unique colors make companies easier to remember and trust. Most companies like to use ACM panels because they are not only of good quality, but also of low cost. For example, if you use an aluminum composite panel to make your advertising board, it can ensure that more people see it instead of being damaged in a short time.

Aluminum composite panel (ACM panel) trim

Application of ACM Panel

Aluminum composite materials are widely used due to their excellent performance. From the cars on the road to the ships at sea, from the refrigerator in the room to the electronic equipment in your hand, from the protection of the exterior of the building to the interior decoration.

Interior design

As mentioned above, aluminum composite panels provide various texture finishes. These finishes are mostly used for interior design and decoration.

Wall partition

ACM sheet metal can be used for wall partitions. Separate more space and protect the privacy of each part of the space.

False ceiling

Real ceilings may face the problem of high cost and unfriendly weight. The weight of the aluminum composite panel has been recognized.

Cladding and facade

The external environment is relatively harsh, so the coating of aluminum composite panels will have to be improved. PE coating is cheap but not suitable for outdoor use. Although PVDF coating can meet outdoor use, the price is not accepted by everyone. Therefore, some builders began to find a solution, and the double-layer PE coating solved this problem. When customers need outdoor decoration but do not want to use expensive PVDF-coated aluminum composite panels, double-layer PE coating becomes the best choice. Its durability is higher than ordinary PE-coated aluminum composite panels and lower than PVDF coating.

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